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  Frequently Asked Questions

Is tanning safe?                                                                 
Tanning is natural. It is your skin's defense against burning. Without sunlight we would not survive. You need to do it in moderation like anything else. Indoor tanning is safer than outdoors because it is regulated and done in a controlled environment. Here at The Tanning Company we promote safe tanning. 
Nearly all life on planet Earth is powered by sunlight. Why does the cancer industry believe sunlight causes death when, in reality, sunlight delivers life? -

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How long should it take before I have a tan?
You will see a difference after your first session. However, for most tanners, it takes about 3-5 sessions to establish a base tan in a Level 1 bed and about 1-2 sessions in a Level 2 or 3 bed. It is important that these tans are close to each other timewise, we recommend your first three sessions take place within 7 days. From this point, consistent tanning will enhance your color, or tanning once every 5-6 days will help maintain your color. It is very important to keep your skin moisturized during and after you tan because your tan will not last very long if your skin is dry. Once the skin flakes off, so does your tan.
Do I NEED to use a tanning lotion?
Yes! Lotions make up 60% of your tanning results. UV light is reflected AWAY from you if your skin is dry. Moisturized skin tans faster, tans darker & stays tanned longer. You'll get the best tan when using indoor lotion because most have high levels of hydration, and some also include bronzers and other ingredients that stimulate melanin production in your body. A high quality indoor tanning lotion will help you to achieve your desired tan up to 60% faster. Why waste your money on tanning if you are not going to get the most out of it?
Can I use an outdoor tanning lotion when tanning indoors?
NO! Outdoor tanning lotions contain ingredients that damage the acrylics on the tanning bed and they are extremely difficult to clean off. They also create a film on the acrylic which impedes the tanning process. Most outdoor lotions are highly oil based and don't have the same moisture that an indoor tanning lotion would have. They will simply dry out your skin and are not allowed at The Tanning Company.
What are tanning stickers for?
Tanning stickers are a great way to track your progress. More than a cute accent, they offer a gauge of what your color was before tanning. It is so easy to forget what color our skin was when we started, the stickers offer a friendly reminder and positive confirmation that you are getting darker.