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UV Tanning

4 Levels of Tanning

We are happy to help you choose the bed or stand-up that will be perfect for you!

Walk-ins Always Welcome!

Level 1

Perfect for building a base tan with lower intensity lamps

  • Higher concentration of UVB rays

  • If you tan easily, and enjoy a longer tanning session, this bed is for you.

  • Not recommended for very fair skin tones, people that don't tan or burn easily, or for red-heads

  • Up to 20-minute tan time

Level 2

Higher concentration of UVA rays which penetrate deeper into the skin

  • Recommended for red-heads, people that burn easily  

  • Less sessions required as you will see faster results with a less chance of burning

  • Up to 12-minute tan time

  • Lay-down bed, Legs-only tanner, and stand up booths available

Level 3

UVA  rays are higher than a Level 2, resulting in a faster, longer-lasting tan

  • Maintains bronze skin longer

  • Spacious and comfortable lay-down bed

  • Up to 12 minute exposure schedule

Level 4


Fastest results and the longest-lasting tan

  • A mix of UV spectrums give you a superior tan that requires the least amount of visits ... (although we love to see you!)

  • 8-minute maximum exposure time

  • Stand up booth 

We offer a variety of prices and tanning packages designed to suit your needs perfectly. Here are just a couple...

Single Sessions starting at $19

Unlimited Monthly Packages starting at $129

For additional prices, or more Information 

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