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UV Tanning

Level 1

Perfect for building a base tan with lower intensity lamps that stimulate melanin production

  • Higher concentration of UVB ranys

  • Stimulates melanin production

  • Up to 20-minute exposure schedules

Level 2

Enhance your base tan with higher intensity lamps creating a deeper, more beautiful tone

  • Higher concentration of UVA rays to darken base melanin 

  • Bronze skin ln less time

  • Up to 12 minute exposure schedules

  • Leg-only and stand up booth available

Level 3

Keep a dark, bronze tan with deep penetrating UVA rays

  • Deepens tan

  • Maintains bronze skin longer

  • Up to 12 minute exposure schedule

Level 4

Maximum bronzing and the longest-lasting tan

  • A mix of UV spectrums give you a superior tan that lasts longer

  • 8-minute maximum exposure time

  • Stand up booth 


We offer a wide array of indoor tanning lotions that help deepen and maintain your tan. Properly moisturized skin works better to adsorb the UV rays and give you better results, as dry skin will reflect away UV rays.


Legs are often the hardest region of the body to thoroughly tan, our legs-only tanner provide you the best solution to cover your legs entirely with a deep beautiful tan and is included with any level 2 or higher package or as a single session. Also available for $10 single session on Sunday! 

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